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Wolfpack Summer Sessions





Dive into an exciting lacrosse journey with Wolfpack Summer Sessions!


Our program is crafted to suit players of all levels, providing tailored experiences for beginners, seasoned athletes, and those in between. With three distinct tiers of involvement, each consisting of 6 dynamic sessions, we're committed to helping every participant enhance their game during the summer break.


Join us for an immersive lacrosse experience where improvement, camaraderie, and fun are at the forefront.

  1. New Player Development:

    • Perfect for those with two years or less of lacrosse experience.

    • Cost: $100 (includes stick rental if needed).

    • Duration: 1 hour (5:30-6:15 pm).- Mondays

    • Sessions breakdown:

      • 2 Sessions focus on mastering the basics: Catching, Throwing, and Ground balls.

      • 2 Sessions introducing basic drills such as shuttles and steal the bacon.

      • 2 Sessions combine teaching and scrimmage for a comprehensive learning experience.

  2. Wolfpack Summer Sixes (Olympic Style):

    • Engage in competitive play with our Games tier.

    • Cost: $150

    • Format: 6’s format with 45-minute long games (2 20-minute halves or 4 10-minute quarters).

    • Each team is guided by a dedicated coach.

    • Age groups: Girls 10u and 14u; Boys follow similar age groups.

    • Time: 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm  - Wednesdays

  3. Wolfpack Small Group Player Skills Training:

    • Elevate your skills with our intensive training sessions.

    • Cost: $150 

    • Duration: 45 minutes

    • Training focuses on agility, shooting, and defense with no warm-ups—dive right into the action.

    • Time: 6:15 pm -7:00 pm - Mondays 

All Athletes are required to have an active USA Lacrosse membership.  If you don’t have one you will need to purchase one prior to the registration process.  Learn More



Loretta Spencer Sports Complex, Address: 2151 Jaycee Wy, Huntsville, AL 35801 ( At the John Hunt Park)


  •  New Player Development/Small Group Training- Mondays

    • June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th,  

    • July 8th, 15th

  • Summer Sessions - Wednesdays

    • June 5th, 12th, 26th,​

    • July 10th, 17th, 27th

Gear Needed (click for more info)

Below is what gear will be needed by age group and gender:

New Player Development Sessions: Athletic shoes, Lacrosse Stick ( Lacrosse sticks will be available for first time players)


Summer Sixes & Small Group Training: 

Girls of all ages: Lacrosse stick, eye guards, cleats and black shorts


6U/8U Boys: Lacrosse stick, cleats, cup and black shorts


10U and higher Boys: Lacrosse stick, complete pads (chest pad, elbow pads, gloves), helmet, cleats and black shorts (see below link for a good starter gear bundle set option)



What gear/equipment is needed? Check out "WHAT GEAR YOU NEED" tab in the menu 


Why purchase a USA Lacrosse Membership?  USA Lacrosse is our governing body.  Their membership includes player insurance that travels with you.  




Refund policy?  We have a strict policy of no refunds.  If your athlete gets sick or cannot attend for an uncontrollable reason please email and we will discuss your situation.  


Weather Cancellations?  Weather is uncontrollable.  If we have to cancel due to weather we are not obligated to make the session up but will do our best to provide something for our athletes.

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