Season Description

Huntsville Lacrosse Club will support teams in the spring lacrosse season, from the months of January - May.  The amount of time spent playing will be based on your players age group.  All of our teams will practice in the Huntsville area.  Teams will be grouped by region lived in and we will attempt to locate and secure practice field in your region.  Most practices will be during the week.  The amount you travel and the frequency at which you play games will also be determined by your athletes age group.  Our younger teams travel less, mainly playing games with other Huntsville and Madison teams.  Our older teams will travel more with most of the away games taking place in Madison or the Greater Birmingham area.  For our teams that travel to Birmingham to compete, reasonable game times will attempt to be scheduled.  Most teams will to play 8-12 games.  

HSV Lacrosse Club - decals to Greg Gray