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What you need to know as a first time lacrosse parent...

All Learn to play clinics are FREE!!!

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. 


Many of the most elite colleges and universities host NCAA lacrosse teams.  

Alabama lacrosse is near sanctioning status and will soon be a high school sport. 

Huntsville High School hosts a competitive HS team that competes against other teams in North Alabama and Birmingham.

Most athletes and their families that enter the sport have little to zero experience with the sport, we will help you piece it together.  

We at the Wolfpack love to meet new interested lacrosse families, please do not hesitate to attend a clinic, give us a call or shoot us an email.  

What you need to know to attend a session

All of our Learn To Play sessions are free and we provide all the equipment your athlete will need.

Bring your own water or sports drink

Wear athletic clothes and shoes

Wolfpack coaches will teach your athlete

the fundamentals of lacrosse.


My son is 12 years old, he will be far behind his piers skills and understanding of the game, we can't start playing now...It's never too late to try lacrosse, we can teach the fundamentals to players between 4 -18 years old.  Check out this link to current professional lacrosse player Mark Steenhuis who didn't start playing lacrosse until he was 17 years old.  

I have heard purchasing the gear is expensive...Yes it is, the wolfpack has loaner gear and outfits players at a very discounted rate.

When is lacrosse season...January - May is our main season.

Learn to Play Dates


Questions?  Email greg@huntsvillewolfpack.com