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Registering With The Pack

Registering with The Pack is a three step process.  Please see the steps below for more information.  If you have any questions please reach out to

Step 1 - Purchasing a US Lacrosse Membership.

US Lacrosse is our recognized governing body.  US Lacrosse partners with Bollinger Insurance to provide exclusive on-the-field coverage for all US Lacrosse members.  In addition US Lacrosse and RPS Bollinger provide extensive Risk Management information that you need to protect your players and stay safe on and off the field.  

Step 2 - 10u/12u/14u Register With Huntsville Lacrosse Club and Become a Member of The Pack Today!

After you receive your US Lacrosse membership number you will then be able to log into register with HLC.  Make sure you have your US Lacrosse number available during the registration process, you can not complete the registration without it. 

Step 3 - 12u/14u Players Register Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse Association.

10u players don't register with GBYLA

The GBYLA stands for the Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse Association.  The GBYLA hosts the largest youth and high school lacrosse team with 16 clubs representing communities across Birmingham and the state of Alabama.  In order to get quality competition and scheduling we participate with the GBYLA during their regular season.  This is the final step of your registration.  

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