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Fee Structure 

When you run with the pack you get a clear breakdown of what we are charging and why we are charging those fees.  We are working for you to give you the best lacrosse experience we can provide.  

Age Group Fees Total Cost

8u/10u - $130

12u - $220

14u - $240

See the charts below for a breakdown of where your money is going!

Refund Policy 

We have a 60 day refund policy.  In order to be eligible for your refund your child must attend 60% of the practices.  You will be refunded $100 dollars of your registration.  You will not be refunded for any money that GBYLA collects.  



If you read the breakdown below, you will begin to understand that we are charging less then our cost.  We appreciate all of our sponsors for their contributions.  If you are a sponsor, interested in becoming a sponsor, or interested in helping us fundraise please reach out to

12u/14u Team Fee Breakdown

8u/10u Team Fee Breakdown

Other Club Expenses

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